Twilight Men

Moon Eclipse...
Sebastian Voltmer

Animation der Mondfinsternis vom 9. Januar 2001
His head told him they couldn't exist.
His heart told him they did.

At the beginning of the year 2000, a man decides to leave the modern city he knows for a remote part of the Himalayas he does not. He is going to find evidence of the supernatural powers of the Himalayan Masters.

But when he meets Anah Baba, an ominous young sadhu, every step up the mountain takes him deeper into a bizarre world he never knew existed.

"The dark forests, the rivers, the high mountains you will cross - are symbols.

Follow them and, if your heart is pure, you will at last come to a cave.

Deep inside there is a man who has been waiting for you.

And when you have found him, listen to his voice."

- Anonymous Himalayan sadhu

"More real than any fiction, more captivating than any documentary, Twilight Men marks the beginning of a new genre - the True Film. -- Richard Atkins

"Not for the faint hearted." -- Ben Aiden

"This film will change your life."-- Sarah Brunello

"I've been to the East many times, but I've never seen an India like this one." -- Pedro Madjor

"Who says there's nothing left to explore in this world. Twilight Men proves that the world is still full of mystery waiting to be revealed." -- Steve Caldwell